Deer, the native animal of power

The deer is particularly close to me and I feel a strong bond with it. It is the first power animal with which I consciously work, so it lasts the longest. He appeared to me many times while awake, in dreams, and during shamanic journeys. I absorb its qualities and try to integrate them into myself. He is the first to appear when I go on a journey with the drum.
His power of peace and confidence as the king of the forest accompanies me, he allows me to sit on his back and takes me wherever I need to go.

That’s why we decided that the first in the series “Native ANIMALS OF POWER” will be a deer.

This shamanic drum was created in cooperation with MORERAVENS Martyna Szczykutowicz – and her “Native ANIMALS OF POWER” cards.

Ash and Pine create a hoop on which the deer rests proudly. Ash as an axis-mundi, a tree that connects worlds in parallel and helps travel during shamanic rituals. Pine stimulates life, supports faster development, facilitates decision-making, and helps manage energy.
The alder from which the baton and the trunk of the handle were made protects against unfavorable forces and allows you to connect with ancient wisdom and knowledge during meditation.

A deer walks through such a forest with its antlers raised high to support us with its wisdom, summon our ancestors and give us support in its power of gentleness, care and responsibility.
During the photo session with this drum, we had a very close encounter with a deer hind that appeared quite close to us so that we could easily observe it in silence. A beautiful, large and delicate creature silently appeared and disappeared into the thicket of the forest!
It is now possible to print any power animal from the “Native Power Animals” deck on the membrane.

Rim 45cm / 18 inches – Ash + Pine

Classic Fiber membrane

Tuning system inside the frame

Alder baton and handle

Cotton ropes

Oil finish

If you are interested, write to us.