czarna pantera bęben szamański

Panther, Black Jaguar, Ek Balam

Wildness, beauty, power. Passion and strength and at the same time tenderness, (over)sensitivity, sensitivity…

Guard between dimensions. She is silent, sees, hears, feels everything. He knows deeper.

A symbol of the power of night and the women’s energy manifesting on earth (in all their aspects: child, virgin, seductress, mother, warrior, clairvoyant and wise old man).

A powerful animal and an ancient totem with lunar affinity – shape shift, working with the shadow, taming fears, awakening the kundalini snake, healing, rebirth and regaining its true power.

Who is crying out?

Frame, rim: Ash (glued from 5 layers)

Image on membrane, acrylic: Maja Wąż

Vegan instrument – free of zoonotic products.

Includes baton.