bęben szamański ręcznie malowany


Fire burns, transforms, warms, purifies. It exists thanks to a close relationship with the air we breathe, light, necessary, transparent. Fenix ​​became the symbol of this relationship. A firebird reborn from the ashes to re-create yourself, to redefine your being, after breaking to pieces, after shattering your soul.
The guide is majestic, beautiful and wise. Full of grace, he shows how to stand in your power and be confident, how to traverse time and space with grace and lightness.

He appeared at the perfect time to support us and remind us that every end is also the beginning of a new adventure! Ahoy adventure!

Alexandra Czerwinska –
Witness of the Human Experience gratitude for the joint process and the opportunity to be reborn together with the Phoenix.

Painted by Nowa Róża – Maja Wąż Art

Diameter 35cm / 14 inches

Birch + beech hoop

Willow handle

Linseed oil finish

If you like this drum, we can make a similar one on request.

Feel free to contact us.