bęben szamański ręcznie malowany

Vibrating heart

During the birth of the Vibrating Heart, which lasted over two months, there were some really surprising heart-related stories, literally. Both my parents had cardiac episodes, fortunately they survived.

On the day when the drum was born and ready, I found myself in a housing estate where one of the residents put a statue of Jesus in front of the house with an outstretched heart.

The sound of the drum turned out to be so deep and piercing that I will remember it for a long time.

the painting was painted by Nowa Róża – Maja Wąż Art

Diameter: 40cm / 16in

Birch rim + beech

Depth 9cm

Linseed oil finish

CL membrane

Tuning system inside the frame

If you liked the tan drum, we can make a similar one to order.

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